Key Documents For Annual Meeting


2024 WWA President’s Report 

Rate Card 2024/2025

Balance Sheet FY 2024/2025 Prev Year Comparison

P&L FY 2024/2025 Prev Year Comparison

Operating Budget Projection FY 2024/2025


WWA Five Year Budget Plan

Treasurers Report

Member Audit Westside Water

2023 El Porvenir Report

2023 Annual Meeting Minutes

2024 Member Notice


Member notice:  2024 Westside Water Annual Meeting


When:  Thursday, May 30th, at 7:00pm


Where:  Havurah, located at 15401 Westside Hwy. SW


From Westside Water Association Board of Directors:


The 2024 Annual meeting for WWA will take place on Thursday, May 30th, at 7:00pm.


Please arrive a half hour early (6:30pm) to check in. Your early arrival will allow the time for us to record your attendance. We need at least 60 members to join the meeting in person, or by proxy, in order to conduct annual business. So please, if you are unable to attend, take a moment to assign your proxy to someone you know who will be attending.  A list of people who are committed to attending the meeting from the board will be provided in the mail (see “Proxy Statement”).  Proxies will be verified by the Association’s Secretary prior to the meeting. You can scan and send your proxy via email to , by text to 206-715-3805 or send it by mail to PO Box 267, Vashon, WA  98070.  After you check in, you can chat with your neighbors, enjoy a great cookie, or go do something else until the meeting formally starts, but checking in early will help the process.


To provide you with information to better participate in this year’s meeting, you can refer to the latest newsletters emailed to you around February 18th and May 16th. The newsletters are also posted on the Westside Water Association website: Go to the bottom of the Home page and open ‘Newsletter Archives’ or go to the ‘Documents’ drop-down folder then ‘Newsletter Archives’. 


Two board member positions are open this year. We are aware that the two members in those board positions would like to continue. We also welcome other nominations during the meeting. Contact Doug D. at if you would like to submit your nomination to the board.


We look forward to sharing news about our past, present, and future water system with you. This is a time for the board to receive feedback from Westside Water members and hear any concerns or suggestions you may have. 


Questions for the board can be emailed to: Doug Swan-






I, ___________________________________, member of the Westside Water Association, do hereby authorize (pick from list below or write in a member’s name you know who will be attending the meeting)  __________________________________ to vote my share at the May 30th, 2024 Annual Meeting of the Westside Water Association. 


Signed____________________________ Account # (on bill) _________ 


Dated _________________________________ 


Please designate a proxy from the following who have committed to attend this meeting:    


Doug Dolstad, Pat Call, Sam Lanier, David Hawkins Peter Myers, Holly Shull


_____________________________________ (Please identify by name) Please get this proxy to us prior to the 30th. Scan and attach to email or text, hand deliver, or use U.S. mail. Thank YOU!   



 Westside Water Association 2024 Annual Meeting

May 30, 2024 @ 7:00 p.m.

Vashon Havurah, Westside Hwy.


  Call to Order / Establishment of Quorum


  Reading and approval of 2023 Annual meeting minutes- Doug Swan


  Treasurer’s Report- Holly Shull 


  Financial Review- Johnny Struck  


  President’s Report- Sam Lanier


  Manager’s Report- Doug Dolstad


  Global Water Initiative Report- Mary Margaret Briggs


  Old Business 


  New Business 


  Election of Board Members